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CDR Integra

CDR Integra Anesthesia Machine

The CDR Integra anesthesia machine offers wireless patient monitoring integrated into a practical and highly function cabinet style unit. With all the standard features of the HME 109 Roll Stand but with advanced functionality that veterinary and research professionals demand the CDR Integra is recognized nationwide.

The standard configuration includes a fully featured wireless patient monitoring system, CO2 absorber with an easy to remove jar and convenient pop-off valve, O2 Flowmeter and attachment points for up to two anesthesia vaporizers. Also included is an easy to use common outlet for switching between CO2 absorber and non-rebreather operations.

The CDR Integra anesthesia machine also provides drawer space for additional storage. In addition to these standard features we offer a variety of accessories for your specific needs. All of this assembled and supported by our experienced staff.

  • Wireless patient monitoring
  • CO2 Absorber with pop-off valve
  • 5LPM Flowmeter standard
  • Attachment points for two anesthesia vaporizers
Optional Accessories
  • RSO Valve

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Please note: If you require an anesthesia vaporizer we are happy to offer a wide selection of units both in Sevoflurane and Isoflurane, either key fill or funnel fill. We also offer full service vaporizer calibration and adjustment if you wish to supply your own anesthesia vaporizer.